From time to time i’m getting asked about the plugins i use and since sharing production experiences is a good thing, i’m going to present some of the things that i regularly use and why.

The final VSTi/fx solution for Buzztracker.

“Project management”
-Feature development
-Betatest supervising & betatesting
(checked uncountable lots of VST plugins to assure
maximum compability & reliability)
-Additional manual writing

abl.jpgThis is THE virtual 303 – PERIOD. Released in 2003 after (i don’t know how much time it really took Mike to get this done until i first checked it out) countless nights of chatting, tweaking knobs, listening tests it became the industry standard for those looking for that Acid-House sound.

ablpro.JPGImho this is yet the first virtual synthesizer that successfully mimics the behaviour of those old modular systems. It bears lots of secrets within certain knob ranges i wasn’t yet able to fully explore. I’m very happy that i was able to contribute to the development – Mike, you’re a hero! My alltime top fav synth and much more than the boned up 303 it may appear to be.