ABL3.0 isn’t the only thing in the making at AudioRealism right now. We’re proud to announce the VSTi of ReDominator, our take on the classic Roland Juno Alpha 1/2, that already blessed Propellerheads Reason users with Hoovers. It emulates the audio engine of the JU-1/2 and includes a patch converter (beta) that lets you take sysex dumps of your own Alpha Juno and convert to a format that ReDominator can read.

Key features:

  • Alpha Juno 2 emulation including the famous Hoover sound
  • Loads ReDominator patches from the Reason version
  • Sysex file import from Alpha Juno integrated into the plug-in
  • Extended mod wheel use to control DCO, VCF and VCA via LFO
  • LFO and DCO retrigger option for ultra tight bass lines

(Features and appearance may change before release)

You can keep in touch with us about the development at Facebook and Twitter.

If you were looking for serious (as in good sounding) semi- to modular synths on the virtual domain, you so far had to stick with Aalto, Bass Line Pro and ReaktorGlitchmachines just extended the small family with the release of Quadrant. It currently offers 26 modules from VCOs, CV generators to effect processors which you can use to build your own 8 slots rack. I’m looking forward to see how they overcame the culprits of samplingrate and bitdepth in terms of cross modulation. But the teaser sounds quite promising!

Let’s be honest, Mr. Alias 2 hates you. He hates you so much he spits all his hatred in form of beautiful, ugly noises in your face. And you’ll just bloody enjoy it!

I’m not really sure what kind of madness drives this thing, some sounds it comes up with are familar but with a twist. Other are just stinky, rotten meat. Piz was kind enough to make it available for Windows, MacOS and Linux so there’s no particular reason to not check out this one. Did i mention it’s free?

Go & grab it!

The holy grail of mad loops, sick basslines and other sequenced sounds is being updated to version 1.1.1. The new version of AudioRealism semi modular synth ABL Pro introduces a revamped logo, fresh installers and bugfixes for Windows as well as the Mac versions.

Odo was on a very generous trip today and made all of his synths available for low, switching many from donation- to freeware. If you’re in need for retro beeps and bleeps, FM sounds and the latter, his website bears some stuff you should definitely check out.

Version 1.4 of U-NO-62 doesn’t introduce any new or fancy things but good news for those users with strange cpu spikes when playing it: they should be fixed! Alongside with other small issues, whatever those are. Download the update.

LennarDigital Sylenth1 2.0 VST screenshotOne of the tightest, feature-wise rather standard, VA synth gets a maintainance update and hits version 2. For some reason i could never get around to actually try the first version but often been told it’s “teh shit!”. Just had a play with the 2.0 demo and uhm, that’s one solid, tight, huge sounding virtual analogue.