“Finishing a thing is way more important than having something that’s perfect but not finished” – Jake Parker

I can’t stress enough how important this is. Unfinished business is likely to haunt you at night. No matter if it’s a piece of music, a drawing or an idea you didn’t put on paper yet. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as “just doing it”. Especially when you’re learning something new you might be in your own way. Maybe because you’re comparing yourself with the masters of the art. Maybe because you’re afraid to be unable to achieve your goal.

And even though it might feel shitty, it’s perfectly fine. It’s part of your process. We’re mutually encased in self-doubts. It’s human (unless you’re an asshole). It’ll vanish with every step you take and every single, even the simplest project. I’ve been recently asked about my process and approach of making soundtracks for demos. The one and most important lesson there was: cutting through the pain and getting stuff done as if my life depends on it when neccessary.

See, any kind of creative output at a certain point results in work. I think there’s like 20% fun involved in exploring and capturing the idea before it becomes work. If you feel like throwing the damn thing into a corner, tackle your reasons. Does your frustration tolerance needs a level-up? What keeps you from being satisfied with the result? Are you even fair with yourself? Do you expect to achieve the result of someone who mastered his discipline already?

If that’s the case: it’s likely that the person you admire has been there as well. It’s possible that the person you admire is still getting there as well from time to time. You just don’t get to witness the process. Let me assure you: The struggle is equal for everyone creating things. It needs management and learning to deal with it.

How many perfectionists do you need to change a lightbulb? …