Here’s a free pack of samples containing 60 chords/stabs and loops between ~110 and ~130 bpm. Most can roughly be classified as minimal, detroit, dubtechno orientated material. You’re invited to cut/slice/mash/torture/mix/whatever and use them for your own tracks.

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Another favourite softsynth of mine i couldn’t resist making a mixed bank of sounds for.

“A wonderfully named impOSCar bank – “Scotland Fart anyone?” Superb! Good sounds too.” – Dave Spiers / Gmediamusic

impOSCar bank01 – Pads, Basses, Leads, FX

ablpro.JPGImho this is yet the first virtual synthesizer that successfully mimics the behaviour of those old modular systems. It bears lots of secrets within certain knob ranges i wasn’t yet able to fully explore. I’m very happy that i was able to contribute to the development – Mike, you’re a hero! My alltime top fav synth and much more than the boned up 303 it may appear to be.