Yeah, i’m kinda late with this one but you know my policy, i don’t write about stuff i didn’t check out myself. Which i just did. What we have here is another fine and well tuned VST by Bootsy . A reverb.

The usual culprit with most software reverbs is that they sound great at certain areas and horribly fail at others. I kinda expected something with a solid quality from Bootsy, since he prooved to know what good sound is all about. Epicverb doesn’t make any difference here. It’s just very convincing at any setting you could try from short drumrooms to looooong tailed ambiences.

So, how come that this one guy hands down gives away all this bloody amazing gear for free? I have no idea, but you better grab it before he’s changing his mind ;)

Download Epicverb (you’ve gotta scroll down a bit)

The list of available reverberation effects, even free ones, is long – very long. I’ve heard a pretty good selection of those the market has to offer. And eventhough i still dig the good UAD-1 Verbs and Magnus Ambience, the one that gets most of my attention at the moment doesn’t cost a dime and not even much cpu. I hereby confess to worship at the church of Christian Schüler aka Ariescode. Pretty sure – you will too! Cause his reverb keeps up with the best in business.