Outstanding trailer for Javier Polo’s chiptune documentary. I’m a little bit astonished by the “new musical trend” that is being advised in the synopsis. This stuff has been around for ages (weren’t 8bitpeoples doing those Blip festivals a decade ago already?). But maybe it made it’s way from being a sub-sub-culture to become a sub-culture, with new artists and stuff? Anyway, trailer rules. Will check out the full feature asap.

Up Rough’s contribution to the Datastorm 2014 demoparty ranked 1st place in the wild demo (a program that generates the visuals in realtime on a device of choice) category. It’s a Gameboy Advanced production with a lot of love for the work of John Carpenter and absolutely worthwile. If you’re into 8-bit aesthetics.

We are all connected by Fairlight, Prosonix and Offence is a homage to 30 years of pushing the limits. 17 minutes of 8-bit glory. Feel the love.

There whereabouts of this movie about my beloved Hamburg remain a bit uncertain. It was filmed on 16mm reel around 1971, probably for promotional purposes and recently aquired by Vimeo user Friedemann Wachsmuth who did a great job of making a digital copy. Thanks a lot for that!

Via Kraftfuttermischwerk