It’s been a week of preparations for Revision 2014 in Saarbrücken that kept me from posting a distraction piece a day. I guess that’s how the story goes sometimes. Right now I’m still in post-party-recovery-mode but will get back to the daily schedule tomorrow. However, here are some impressions from this years demofest, not bad for a mobile phone.

Rob Acid, Acid Warrior… aka Robert Babicz has been a driving force in Germany’s Techno scene for over two decades. You may know him for being a friendly guy, great producer as well as live act. But he’s also a passionate photographer who explores his trips across the globe with the camera, capturing moments, people, nature and beyond that. His flickr account is stuffed with moments from his tours and proof of love for detail in the visual domain as well.

robertbabicz at flickr
Robert Babicz at flickr
The world through the eyes of a touring artist.

Catch up with Robert at Twitter. More Photography Distraction Pieces this way.

“deep in the valley, in the trunk of an old car.” is the tagline of this ongoing tumblelog collection of black/white photography and artworks curated by SPR. His uncanny treasury of dark arts resembles the feel of a digital museum, seeking beauty along the lines of Angst, destruction and death.

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If you fancy a soundtrack to accompany your visit, it kinda inspired me to make this mix two years ago: