This is the official invitation (a realtime demo, of course) for NVidia’s NVScene demoparty in San Jose/California, taking place from 25th to 28th of March (that’s next week). There will be lots of great seminars and competitions, if you’re a creative with any kind of relationship to realtime graphics, multiplatform-development (incl mobile phones) or digital arts in general and live around the bend, there’s no excuse not to go there.

The latest demo by Smash & Destop using their wonderful particle engine with an awesome soundtrack by Stereo Wildlife. Love the fluid part (mind you, it’s a executable realtime pc demo – download here). There’s also a stereo 3d version available via

Next in the demos for technoheads series is this reminiscence to the good old X-Mix videos. ‘Ion Traxx 2004’ comes as 5 tracks mix with corresponding visuals and captures the spirit of i.e. ‘Destination Planet Dream’. If you’re interested in watching the realtime version, grab it here (Mac and Linux versions are also available)


For those of you who always wonder what this demoscene fuzz is all about i’m starting the series “demos for technoheads”. If you’re into techno and/or electronic music in general and appealed by visual artsy things, you most probably don’t have to have any kind of demoscene background to enjoy these videos.

Technically, they’re all computer-generated in realtime and available as executable files (mostly for PCs). And usually the music would be tailormade for the production. In this case, there’s a VJ team behind the show so they also went for a short DJ mix to accompany the visuals.

You can grab this demo titled “Medium” by from

fr-041:debris Screenshot
Finally, a HD video of our 180kb demo “fr-041:debris” is available on Youtube for your pleasure. For the non-demoscene enthusiasts amongst you, this video is generated by a pc executable at the size of a 1024 x 768px photo.