Today, mr Terje’s debut “It’s Album Time” hits the stores and it’s one more confession of his to the 80’s, neon lights, and analog synthesizers. And swing. And funk. And arpeggios. And weird solos… The outstanding track for me is this one:

Back in 2006 my namesake Ronny and his friend Nico joined our netlabel Thinner with their debut album “Eingang nach Draussen” under the moniker of ‘Das Kraftfuttermischwerk‘. These days Ronny is well known for his prolific german blog under the same name. Given the opportunity to check out the new service he decided to re-upload their first release. Don’t hesitate downloading, it’s well worth it!

I’ll stick with Minimalism for this sunday, just like last week, but with a different approach by Manuel Goettsching. Originally released in 1975 as Ash Ra Tempel, “Inventions for Electric Guitar” was his first solo work re-issued in 2011 under his name. The album featured only three tracks, and even though often labelled as Krautrock imho it’s really a great guitar-based exploration of Minimalism.

There’s no way around Steve Reich when it comes to Minimalism in music. Composed in 1973, this is my favourite of his works. Played by Jeroen Van Veen and friends, it’s just perfect for a sunday morning. 15 minutes of alternating sequences, floating through changes in contrast and color.

Being recently asked about my favourite tracks i soon had to face the fact that there’s too much stuff i adore. So i came up with the idea of nailing down 20 tracks that i still play and belong to a certain category. Here’s the one for sheer beauty.