I was looking for a transparent mastering limiter and bought Elephant back when the first version appeared. It always did a very good job to keep the levels in place. Last not least thanks to its reliable metering and ease of use it’s one of the workhorses in my setup. Can be purchased online at the Voxengo website, mac and pc versions available.

Jeroen Breebart Barricade Pro Limiter VSTJB’s Barricade brickwall limiter initially made it amongst the top scoring freeware limiters back then. The pro version takes controls and sound even further. For only 10 EUR we’re talking about the ultimate bargain for those looking after a topnotch limiting plugin.

Tls 3127 Leveling AmpliferTin Brooke Tales (aka TbT) is an established name for classy limiters on the freeware frontier. Known for his brickwall limiter and others, the new effect, the Tls 3127 leveling amplifer pushes the boundaries of extreme limiting a bit further. You want to get your stuff loud, like as LOUD AS POSSIBLE?