“For me, the first sheet should be the same as the last. And the middle sheet should be same as those. When you can do that, you know you’re in tune with the machine.” Wayne Davis, The Artisan Press

Stefan Jose’s short about Wayne Davis and his 26 years relationship with that massive 1.5 tons, 110 years old printing press is one more ode of this strive for perfection and detail-loving art of handcrafting.

Toronto-based autodidact designer and letterer Ben Johnston created this mural from the slogan “I Just Want To Drink Coffee, Create Stuff and Sleep” for a co-working space in his hometown. The creative process (two days–rly???) was shot by Asterisk Media on a Red Scarlet and 5D. Awesome.

Ed Sozinho aka Sozinho Imagery accompanied Seattle’s violin maker David Van Zandt during the 8 weeks of handcrafting his 128th instrument. Beautifully shot with a Canon 5D mkIII, “Analog 128” explores both: perfection for, and dedication to handcraftsmenship with great respect and attention for detail.