Bootsy Nasty seriesBootsy completes his Nasty series and releases NastyHF, a high frequency coloring filter/eq combination as well as Nasty tableTop, a mid frequency saturation, aimed at adding more presence to the mids. The package also includes an updated version of NastyLF.

Bootsy NastyLF VST

Good news everyone, Bootsy is back. NastyLF is a beefy low frequency kinda Filter/EQ thing with the usual Bootsy-ish fat signal colorization and saturation. Put it on your bassline and terrorize your neighbours with some serious boom!

Cableguys FilterShaper VSTJust a short notice that the lovely FilterShaper plugin left alpha status and went beta today. The price for the unlimited version is set to 29?/44$. Cableguys stick to their demo policy: it works without restrictions but only one instance at a time.