UPDATE 09/16/15: it’s already sold.

UPDATE 09/15/15: If you’re looking for a chance to buy the Buchla inspired Eurorack VCO by Endorphine.es, here’s your chance: a good friend of mine sells his well shaped Furthrrrr Generator. It’s a non-smoker studio and he secured the screws with nylon washers to avoid rack rash. He’s offering it for 590 euro but would also consider trading it for percussive modules like Noise Engineering Basimilus Iteritas etc.

Although i’ve been extensively using Intellijels complex Eurorack VCO for a while now there are still features that boggle my mind. Seth Shafer covered everything in a series of seven videos including demonstrations. Thank you very much for your efforts!

Here's the playlist with all seven videos

A lil ambient track i made entirely with Shapeshifter