The Cambridge EQ is – hands down – the best software equalizer i ever used. It is perfeclty predictable, precise and easy to use, sounds very natural and serves all my equalizing needs.

Especially its elliptical lowcut filter mode does very suprising things in the bass frequencies below 50hz and is unique to this EQ. Culprit: only available for UAD dsp cards. Then again i recommend purchasing a UAD anyway – you can run dozens of Cambridge EQs without ever putting your cpu in trouble.

A native alternative is Sonnox Oxford EQ. It’s got similar features and same ease of use. Then again it is missing the awesome elliptical filtermode. I didn’t yet find a free equalizer that satisfied my needs as much as above ones, eventhough it is often said that most EQs are basicly the same in terms of algorhythm. Of course i didn’t look for anything else in a while, thus suggestions are welcome.

Variety of Sound aka Bootsie updates his free mixing EQ BootEQ to version 2, introducing a new UI and advanced signal coloring facilities. The look is just amazing and a major improvement, soundwise i can’t say much else but check it out immediately!

Bootsy Nasty seriesBootsy completes his Nasty series and releases NastyHF, a high frequency coloring filter/eq combination as well as Nasty tableTop, a mid frequency saturation, aimed at adding more presence to the mids. The package also includes an updated version of NastyLF.

BootEQ hits 1.1 and TesslaSE (signal coloring effect) goes 1.2. Both revisions include fixes for certain issues with Wavelab and some graphic glitches. BootEQ’s UI has been optimized for readability.

Bootsy NastyLF VST

Good news everyone, Bootsy is back. NastyLF is a beefy low frequency kinda Filter/EQ thing with the usual Bootsy-ish fat signal colorization and saturation. Put it on your bassline and terrorize your neighbours with some serious boom!

Bootsy BootEQ VST screenshotBootsy is on a killing spree – releasewise. BootEQ is a channelstrip equalizer with 4 bands plus highpass filter that just sounds dope. Another good unit from his signal modelling fx suite with the same quality and similar coloring in mind. Well done, easily tweakable, free, PC VST only. What up next?