Long time no see around here! So, I’ve been thinking out aloud about producing Dub Techno inside the box using Ableton Live 9. Ever since writing this tutorial about chords and stabs-basics I felt like there’s a lot more to cover. Eventually so much more it wouldn’t fit a simple “do this and then do that”-tutorial format. Sounds don’t happen in a vacuum either, delivering the context was my priority here.

While we’ve covered a lot of things from gain staging for dummies (like me), good noise vs bad noise, programming organic sounds that keep moving, my intention was really about the meta-schtuff…

Thinking and working ‘analog’ inside the box:

  • understanding how things work in a hardware environment
  • details and how they can move a sound from dull to interesting
  • mindfully integrating them to your digital workflow
  • an approach towards analytic thinking, or simple if you will
  • making life easier for your future self (spare yourself my mistakes)
  • how to listen to music enabling yourself for asking better questions than “which plugin is that?”…

I tried to be as brief as possible, not get too techy and lost in details which don’t matter. Let’s dive in deeper in a future session. And yes, I’ll add links to sections in the video asap.

Thank you Matt/Surreal Machines for the Dub Machines license give-away (lemic, in case you’re reading it here: get your license, contact me!)

Resources mentioned throughout the session: Airwindows tapedust, noise & totape5 (they’re available in the pack), as well as my fave music production podcast UBKhappyfuntimehour, and of course SM Modnetic/Diffuse.

Things I took away from the first live-stream:

  • boy, that’s a lot of open windows
  • levels in OBS are weird, I don’t speak mic-foo
  • structuring the session in notes helped a lot
  • water with gas in that context is stupid
  • need a safe space for bottles to leave them open
  • be more mindful about window positions vs overlay
  • I can’t be eloquent while learning to swim in a new pool

Please leave your questions, input, wishes, whatever in the comments on YouTube. I’ll create an event on the Tube again to make it easier for you to catch the next session (*cough* subscribe button).

In case you need some sets to go:


Back in 2006 my namesake Ronny and his friend Nico joined our netlabel Thinner with their debut album “Eingang nach Draussen” under the moniker of ‘Das Kraftfuttermischwerk‘. These days Ronny is well known for his prolific german blog under the same name. Given the opportunity to check out the new service hearthis.at he decided to re-upload their first release. Don’t hesitate downloading, it’s well worth it!

The creation of chords and stabs remains one of the most frequently asked questions on music production forums. Specificly about those floating-around-your-head chords as heard in nowadays dubstep, dubtechno and related genres. The building blocks are actually quite basic stuff, nevertheless many people think way too complex. Let’s have a look.

An Ableton Live related bug has been fixed, if it was running out of sync (whatever that means), here’s your way out… Btw, you can extend your TB4005 experience by using some these Midi CC’s

Here’s a free pack of samples containing 60 chords/stabs and loops between ~110 and ~130 bpm. Most can roughly be classified as minimal, detroit, dubtechno orientated material. You’re invited to cut/slice/mash/torture/mix/whatever and use them for your own tracks.

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