I first saw this documentary about Steve McGuinness aka OG Magicman two years ago and it kinda stuck in my head. Last weekend we were at this opening of a new bikeshop where a magician pulled off some cool tricks–but with way too much fuzz about it. That reminded me about this guy from the UK, whose approach focusses on stunning illusions instead going bells and whistles about it. Way to go.

So, it’s magic Monday–25 minutes you won’t regret. Filmed by Jonathan Kerr-Smith.

Outstanding trailer for Javier Polo’s chiptune documentary. I’m a little bit astonished by the “new musical trend” that is being advised in the synopsis. This stuff has been around for ages (weren’t 8bitpeoples doing those Blip festivals a decade ago already?). But maybe it made it’s way from being a sub-sub-culture to become a sub-culture, with new artists and stuff? Anyway, trailer rules. Will check out the full feature asap.

“In the beginning, there was Jack – and Jack had a Groove…”

Directed by Lil Louis, “The House that Chicago built” sets sails to answer there whereabouts of House music. The cast of interviews is nothing less than a who-is-who of House music history:

Frankie Knuckles, Marshall Jefferson, Farley Jackmaster Funk, Roy Davis Jr., Derrick May, Terry Hunter, Jesse Saunders, Ron Carroll,  Ron Trent, Ralphie Rosario, Cajmere, Theo Parrish, Glenn Underground, Paul Johnson, Gene Hunt, DJ Funk, Pete Tong, Louie Vega…

Really looking forward to this!