Mercury won Revision 2014 64kb intro competition with this one, and rightfully so. I’ve seen them working on it at the party, however I just learned that they actually hardcoded the entire geometry and stuff by hand. Without any further visual assisting tool (okay, that’s sort of the way you do it most of the time with 4kb productions but those are way more random/abstract). Directly into the GLSL shader. For the sake of getting the performance. Sick shit. Furthermore, the music synth has also been fit for their productions. I’m seriously impressed.

If you’d rather watch the 64k in realtime (which you should), grab it from Pouet.

It’s been a week of preparations for Revision 2014 in Saarbrücken that kept me from posting a distraction piece a day. I guess that’s how the story goes sometimes. Right now I’m still in post-party-recovery-mode but will get back to the daily schedule tomorrow. However, here are some impressions from this years demofest, not bad for a mobile phone.

The breakthrough production on Android: Smash and Lug00ber‘s demo ranked 1st place a NVScene this week. The production looks like it’s been a bit inspired by Bot & Dolly “Box” video projection. You know, the one with the robots.

You can download the Android demo from – if you want some digital art eyecandy in your pocket.

This is the official invitation (a realtime demo, of course) for NVidia’s NVScene demoparty in San Jose/California, taking place from 25th to 28th of March (that’s next week). There will be lots of great seminars and competitions, if you’re a creative with any kind of relationship to realtime graphics, multiplatform-development (incl mobile phones) or digital arts in general and live around the bend, there’s no excuse not to go there.

Up Rough’s contribution to the Datastorm 2014 demoparty ranked 1st place in the wild demo (a program that generates the visuals in realtime on a device of choice) category. It’s a Gameboy Advanced production with a lot of love for the work of John Carpenter and absolutely worthwile. If you’re into 8-bit aesthetics.

We are all connected by Fairlight, Prosonix and Offence is a homage to 30 years of pushing the limits. 17 minutes of 8-bit glory. Feel the love.