Variety of Sound NastyDLA

Variety of Sounds classic chorus / tape delay simulation NastyDLA is a great free VST. I’ve been frequently using it in my Dub Techno tracks for those special echo duties.

Following his website you could see how he emerged with studying the sound of classic devices to designing his own device.

From his specifications:

  • input stage model including signal coloration and non-linearities (switchable)
  • classic chorus/flanger effect with amount and rate control which automatically adopts to the delay line configuration
  • frequency balancing filter for dead-easy overall tone adjustments in the feedback path
  • two different feedback color modes
  • feedback circuit and control which supports resonance up to self-oscillation
  • standard DSP 12dB high-pass filter
  • custom tape style low-pass filtering
  • sophisticated?tape hiss noise simulation
  • negative or positive pre-delay
  • comprehensive tape dynamics simulation taken from the core of the award winning FerricTDS
  • the dynamics offers a slight audio ducking effect (switchable)
  • two independent delay lines with up to 3sec delay time and sync to host
  • delay time modulation with two different modes
  • additional phase distortion (switchable)

Especially his treatment for the authentic tape hiss noise is getting my applause here, it sounds great and perfect for all your dub techno needs.

NastyDLA available as free VST effect for Windows (32bit).

French developer Lowcoders updates his free tape delay KingDubby to version 1.5.2 and makes it available as universal binary to support modern Mac OS versions. Windows users will have to wait for the release of version 2.0 which is currently in development.

KingDubby does a solid job at doing that screamy tape delay sound and is said to be amongst the best available ones for Apple users. I don’t have a mac myself but a good friend of mine put his hands in fire for this one, so if it sucks please let me know and i’ll bitchslap him for real ;)

Last not least, are currently looking for feedback on the latest betas of their plugin. If you find a bug or annoyance, head to their website and tell them!

KingDubby is available from the website.

TAL-Dub-II VSTTogu Audio Line releases a new version of their delay, suited for dirty, dubbish echoes and such. Dub-II comes with a new audio engine, very smooth low- and highpass filters, standard set of delay times, a nice oldschool VU meter and a LFO for delaytime, lowpass filter and stereo depth.