AD’s Rough Rider is the single channel and free brother of their multiband Pro version which reminds me a bit of Empirical Labs Distressor and its insane nuke compression mode. If you want to kill people with rimshots, burn those drumbusses in hell or just slightly attenuate effects on percussion, Rough Rider is a good one. Available for both: mac & pc.

Being part of the UAD-Series, the Fairchild 670 emulates the classic hardware compressor from the 50s. It’s known for its magic mix-glueing abilties and usually the sum compressor in my setup. Also awesome on groups and loops it is, alongside with the other UAD plugs in the bundle, the best thing i bought over the years.

Although it sounds quite different i think of Density mkII as being the nearest neighbour to UAD’s Fairchild. Capable of glueing a mix in a good way while preserving a good amount of dynamics, you shouldn’t miss it by any means. Last not least it’s free, like all those v.o.s./ex-Bootsie plugins. At the moment available for pc only.

Voxengo Crunchessor 2.0 screenshotThe new version of Voxengo’s “Crunchessor” dynamic processor comes in the new revamped UI style and for both, PC as well as Mac. It offers a broad range of colorization options and can easily bring mayhem to your drumtracks while you can keep it subtle on the master.

Bootsy Density VSTBootsy released his Density compressor VST plugin a while ago already but judging compressors is nothing i can do within minutes, hence the delay. After comparing it with the precious UAD Fairchild and some others as well as using it in some tracks i have to say it rocks.