AD’s Rough Rider is the single channel and free brother of their multiband Pro version which reminds me a bit of Empirical Labs Distressor and its insane nuke compression mode. If you want to kill people with rimshots, burn those drumbusses in hell or just slightly attenuate effects on percussion, Rough Rider is a good one. Available for both: mac & pc.

Let’s be honest, Mr. Alias 2 hates you. He hates you so much he spits all his hatred in form of beautiful, ugly noises in your face. And you’ll just bloody enjoy it!

I’m not really sure what kind of madness drives this thing, some sounds it comes up with are familar but with a twist. Other are just stinky, rotten meat. Piz was kind enough to make it available for Windows, MacOS and Linux so there’s no particular reason to not check out this one. Did i mention it’s free?

Go & grab it!

The holy grail of mad loops, sick basslines and other sequenced sounds is being updated to version 1.1.1. The new version of AudioRealism semi modular synth ABL Pro introduces a revamped logo, fresh installers and bugfixes for Windows as well as the Mac versions.

French developer Lowcoders updates his free tape delay KingDubby to version 1.5.2 and makes it available as universal binary to support modern Mac OS versions. Windows users will have to wait for the release of version 2.0 which is currently in development.

KingDubby does a solid job at doing that screamy tape delay sound and is said to be amongst the best available ones for Apple users. I don’t have a mac myself but a good friend of mine put his hands in fire for this one, so if it sucks please let me know and i’ll bitchslap him for real ;)

Last not least, are currently looking for feedback on the latest betas of their plugin. If you find a bug or annoyance, head to their website and tell them!

KingDubby is available from the website.

abl2_c.pngPress release:

Since 2003 ABL has established its sound as the industry standard. In 2007 ABL2 achieves important improvements in several key areas. Amongst new features the most important thing is the sound: The bass is improved for less muddiness. The filter has been improved to incorporate subtile nonlinear effects for additional squelch. The distortion unit