I wrote about the party version of this 4k intro earlier already. The final version is now finished and quite different in direction and music. Once more for the non-techies: the video below (including sound, textures and everything) is generated from a 4096 bytes PC executable. The music was made by Brothomstates. Even disregarding its very tiny filesize it’s still an incredible piece of art.

Download the pc .executable (you need a decent graphics adapter to watch it)

Some may wonder what a “party version” is. In the demoscene there are those events called “demoparty” where artists gather to drink, party, showcase their newest creations. Sometimes a production might not be finished but it creators want to participate in the competition anyway. So they enter the competition with the version they’ve got so far and offer a final version later.

More demos for technoheads this way…

The guys from “Quite” are known for their very moody and ambient-ish productions. This time they managed to get Brothomstates/Orange to make a soundtrack. The result just blew me away. Mind you, this thing comes from a 3.9kb Windows .executable file.

It clearly deserved the first place at this years Chaos Construction demoparty. You can get a higher quality video from and download the beta version of cdak from