“Finishing a thing is way more important than having something that’s perfect but not finished” – Jake Parker

I can’t stress enough how important this is. Unfinished business is likely to haunt you at night. No matter if it’s a piece of music, a drawing or an idea you didn’t put on paper yet. Unfortunately it’s not as easy as “just doing it”. Especially when you’re learning something new you might be in your own way. Maybe because you’re comparing yourself with the masters of the art. Maybe because you’re afraid to be unable to achieve your goal.

And even though it might feel shitty, it’s perfectly fine. It’s part of your process. We’re mutually encased in self-doubts. It’s human (unless you’re an asshole). It’ll vanish with every step you take and every single, even the simplest project. I’ve been recently asked about my process and approach of making soundtracks for demos. The one and most important lesson there was: cutting through the pain and getting stuff done as if my life depends on it when neccessary.

See, any kind of creative output at a certain point results in work. I think there’s like 20% fun involved in exploring and capturing the idea before it becomes work. If you feel like throwing the damn thing into a corner, tackle your reasons. Does your frustration tolerance needs a level-up? What keeps you from being satisfied with the result? Are you even fair with yourself? Do you expect to achieve the result of someone who mastered his discipline already?

If that’s the case: it’s likely that the person you admire has been there as well. It’s possible that the person you admire is still getting there as well from time to time. You just don’t get to witness the process. Let me assure you: The struggle is equal for everyone creating things. It needs management and learning to deal with it.

How many perfectionists do you need to change a lightbulb? …

I first encountered this one on Austrias FM4radio (which I urge you to check out!) and it instantly stuck with me. Not much to say left. Except wow – what this now Manchester based guy tossed together is crazy good in every aspect. Is that trap music? Great video as well!

You can keep in touch with Salute via:

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I miss the 3Lux & X-Mix series by Studio K7 — when tailor fitting visuals for DJ sets was a fresh thing. The quality of the visuals compared to todays standards was quite meh. But they showcased what’s possible with technology back then, emerging from the Techno subculture.

Sullivan Murrays “Berghain Dreams” mix hits that sweet spot like a boss. Unlike the X-Mix series it’s based on video footage, not CGI. Caleidoscopic imagery derived from a car trip around industrial Berlin well synced to the music. With a lot of attention to details. Blinking lights heaven. PS: the mix is dope, too.

Mercury won Revision 2014 64kb intro competition with this one, and rightfully so. I’ve seen them working on it at the party, however I just learned that they actually hardcoded the entire geometry and stuff by hand. Without any further visual assisting tool (okay, that’s sort of the way you do it most of the time with 4kb productions but those are way more random/abstract). Directly into the GLSL shader. For the sake of getting the performance. Sick shit. Furthermore, the music synth has also been fit for their productions. I’m seriously impressed.

If you’d rather watch the 64k in realtime (which you should), grab it from Pouet.

Superb minimalist and music driven animation by kounterpart (yeah, i know the k should be reversed but it’s not a character in my webfont ffs) for the upcoming VA “Black Box One” on krux Records. Rendered in 3D, then filmed with a DSLR to add that certain look and feel to the rough Polygons. A glitchy execution of less is more with a lot of attention to detail.

What a funny idea: “LoopdeLoop is an animation challenge. Each month, animators from around the world create looping animations based on a given topic and upload them to www.loopdeloop.org. On the last Tuesday of the month all of the posted loops are compiled and screened to a live audience at Loop in Melbourne, Australia. During the screening a winner is declared, who enters the hall of fame and has their loop featured throughout the following month.”

Further loops can be found at http://www.loopdeloop.org/

I first saw this documentary about Steve McGuinness aka OG Magicman two years ago and it kinda stuck in my head. Last weekend we were at this opening of a new bikeshop where a magician pulled off some cool tricks–but with way too much fuzz about it. That reminded me about this guy from the UK, whose approach focusses on stunning illusions instead going bells and whistles about it. Way to go.

So, it’s magic Monday–25 minutes you won’t regret. Filmed by Jonathan Kerr-Smith.