Audio Damage releases Dubstation 1.5 (VST/AU)

Audiodamage Dubstation 1.5 screenshotOne of the best (and still affordable) commercial delays gets revamped to version 1.5. For 39$ you get an oldschool flavoured unit with a rarely heard dubbish lofi feedback.


1 – New UI. A few people complained about the leaning look of the original UI, so we put it more flat-on. It is also a much nicer rendering, for what it’s worth.
2 – HI-CUT knob. Many people asked for some control over the high-end attenuation of the signal, which is part and parcel of the Dubstation sound, so we added the ability to roll off the high-end damping. At the full anti-clockwise position, Dubstation 1.5 sounds exactly like 1.2. You can open it up from there.
3 – Delay knob behavior change. We altered the behavior of the delay time knob so it matches that of Dr. Device. So instead of having two separate parameters for free and sync time, there is only one bared parameter. This should be a bit less confusing.
4 – Minor bug fixes. Nothing of import here, just little stuff.
If you already own Dubstation, 1.5 is now in your account in the AD store for downloading. This version has a different name (Dubstation_15 for the VST, and Dubstation 1.5 for the AU) and a different VSTID so it will live side-by-side with the original version, and your existing projects will not be affected at all. Hit the store up and grab your new shit.

And of course the product link.

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