Meanwhile at the AudioRealism beta labs: ReDominator VST

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AudioRealism ReDominator VSTi

AudioRealism ReDominator VSTi

ABL3.0 isn’t the only thing in the making at AudioRealism right now. We’re proud to announce the VSTi of ReDominator, our take on the classic Roland Juno Alpha 1/2, that already blessed Propellerheads Reason users with Hoovers. It emulates the audio engine of the JU-1/2 and includes a patch converter (beta) that lets you take sysex dumps of your own Alpha Juno and convert to a format that ReDominator can read.

Key features:

  • Alpha Juno 2 emulation including the famous Hoover sound
  • Loads ReDominator patches from the Reason version
  • Sysex file import from Alpha Juno integrated into the plug-in
  • Extended mod wheel use to control DCO, VCF and VCA via LFO
  • LFO and DCO retrigger option for ultra tight bass lines

(Features and appearance may change before release)

You can keep in touch with us about the development at Facebook and Twitter.


DP#041 – The Timeless by Mercury

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Mercury won Revision 2014 64kb intro competition with this one, and rightfully so. I’ve seen them working on it at the party, however I just learned that they actually hardcoded the entire geometry and stuff by hand. Without any further visual assisting tool (okay, that’s sort of the way you do it most of the time with 4kb productions but those are way more random/abstract). Directly into the GLSL shader. For the sake of getting the performance. Sick shit. Furthermore, the music synth has also been taylored for their productions – no 3rd party involved.

the timeless by mercury @ Revision 2014

If you’d rather watch the 64k in realtime (which you should), grab it from Pouet.